Mad Dash Racing

Release date: 15-11-2001
Nixxes project: Xbox technolgy development


Another project we've worked on together with Crystal Dynamics. This frantic action racer is all about speed. You can either play on your own against computer players, or plug up to 4 controllers in your Xbox for a challenging splitscreen multiplayer game.

Framerate obviously is crucial in a game like this, and that's where we came in. During the last 2 months of development we worked with the Mad Dash team to create a fast new renderer, and managed to improve the framerate dramatically. More information on Mad Dash Racing can be found either on the Xbox website or on the Eidos game website.


On a little island on Trem Land, a crazed wizard named Hex, plans to take over the world using RED METEOR CHUNKS. He can't do this on his own so he plans to set up an event to get all the METEOR CHUNKS and return them to Hex.

A number of nasty characters have signed up to the event, think that they have the guts to find the METEOR CHUNKS. All the characters don't know of what Hex is doing, so he waits until all the METEOR CHUNKS have been gathered for world domination. Hex mentions that for the one who brings back all the METEOR CHUNKS, will win a pig. Not according to the contract, one of the contestants named Sid, said that they win a Magic Sceptre. One of the Tremmals (Hex's Henchmen) saying agree with it, so Hex did. This is where the game begins.



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