Graphics Programmer

Job description:

At our studio in the Utrecht city centre, you will work on game titles developed all over the world by acclaimed studios like Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal. We have opportunities involving many aspects of the full game development process required to ship AAA titles.

We’re looking for a highly collaborative, passionate and skilled Graphics Programmer that can implement high-level graphical effects as well as making low-level enhancements to the graphics engines we work with to enable and optimize these.

Competencies, skills & knowledge:

·         You have an up to date knowledge of the current APIs such as DirectX 11/12 and OpenGL 4.x.

·         You have a profound understanding of state of the art graphics and lighting techniques.

·         You have a solid mathematical background.

·         You have a pragmatic, hands-on problem solving mentality.

·         You have C++ knowledge and experience.

·         You aim to design and write well-structured, readable and maintainable code.

·         You work well in a team and on a large code base.

·         You have good communication skills in written and spoken English.

·         You have good understanding of code performance and complexity.

·         You work well in an environment with deadlines and milestones


·         Game industry & development experience.

·         Experience developing games on game consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, etc.

·         Strong Debugging Skills

·         Strong understanding of optimization techniques.

·         (Native) Dutch speaker.

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 Acquisition for this vacancy is not appreciated.


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